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What has guided DW Transport Solutions is a fundemental focus on people. We know happy employees lead to happy customers. That putting “Safety First and Safety Always” into practice sends the message that we are all valuable, from our driver personnel to the people they share the road with. We understand that good customer service means delivering on our promises and treating others the way you want to be treated.

Excellent Service

We believe our safety-focused culture is the driving factor behind our success. From our drivers to our administrative staff, we make a point of being safety conscious in everything we do, whether we’re on the road, in the office, or at a customer’s location. The four components of our program work together to minimize risk and maximize the safety of our personnel and our customers’ freight.

Many of our trucks are owner-operated, all of our equipment is state-of-the art. A well-equipped driver is a safe driver. At DW Transport Solutions we take every measure possible to ensure our drivers are well equipped, well trained, and well rested.

Dedicated Fleet

Our dedicated fleet provides top-tier services for truckload and multi-stop deliveries across North America, as well as full network coverage. Customers can choose between single or team drivers to increase efficiency and reduce costs. With our technology, people, and processes, you can rest assured that your loads will always arrive without any damage or delay. We provide the best service at the most cost-effective rate.

DW Transport Solutions consists of a team of committed truckers with outstanding customer support services. We have an exceptional driver base and fleet. Our trucks are maintained and kept clean for safe travel of amenities. And the team we have built over the years has gained their experience by understanding safe delivery of your cargo.

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Whether you’re just beginning your transportation and logistics career or making a mid-career switch, you deserve to be excited about your work and to know your employer appreciates you. We offer competitive pay and benefits, a variety of schedules, and a safety-focused culture.

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